It is said that the mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master. Great Ambitions helps people truly master their minds, so that they can achieve at a level beyond their wildest dreams.

Dave Bauer, the founder of Great Ambitions, has helped people begin exciting new careers, restore family relationships, and learn to set bigger goals. He is a certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer. He studies Bob Proctor, Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill and many other greats. He has applied the principles he has learned to his own life with amazing results and has coached others into amazing results in their lives as well.

His approach to teaching and training is very holistic including components of Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, Bob Proctor’s understanding of the subconscious mind and paradigms, spirituality and meditation.

What this means for you is that through my coaching and workshops, you will have access to proven success techniques that can change your results like night and day.

A personal example of the results you might experience is when I started really applying these principles, I had $80 per month of discretionary income. I tithed that $80 to my church. Exactly a year later, I had $2,000 per month of discretionary income, about $700 of which went to a special account for tithing. Soon after, I had funded the digging of a well at a Uganda Primary School for orphans and abandoned children. This well is used for growing crops to feed everybody at the school. In September, I started funding an irrigation system. So, in the time-frame of about a year, I went from living paycheck to paycheck to single handedly funding a well and irrigation system that improved the lives of about 1,000 children and villagers.

Another example is a recent coaching client of mine who was unemployed, considered herself unemployable due to health issues she was having and had terrible family relationships. Her daughter, really wouldn’t even talk to her. After a few months of coaching, while she still had medical issues, they were not as daunting to her, she was successfully selling real estate and her daughter was not only talking to her, but actually moved in with her!

Dave is currently working on a full day workshop for the general public and some keynote presentations. He is developing programs to help the underprivileged, as well as the business world. Dave is accepting new clients for individual coaching.